How we start

The seed of D.H.B Road Aurobindo Vidyamandir was sown in 1976 when a few members of Jadavpur University Alumni Association Durgapur Branch envisioned the concept of an English Medium school for the tiny tots of Durgapur.

About Us

Sri Tripurari Chatterjee, the then President of the Association inspired the members and helped them in many ways to bring about the school. An enlightening contribution also came from Lt Ramlal Banerjee(1944 M & E). His hard work towards making the project successful is worth remembering.A small group comprising Sri A. K. Mahapatra, Sri Probuddha Bhattacharya, Sri Ashish Das Sharma, Lt Tusher Bhadra, Sri A. K. Dubey(1961 M), Sri Vivekananda Bhattacharya, Sri Kalyan Bose, Lt. S. P Bose, Lt. Ganesh Dutta, gave the concrete shape to the idea. The first step was taken forward when Dr. Gokul Mukherjee, the then G. M. of Alloy Steel Plant allotted the house 2A, Kanishka Road to make the beginning.The name of the school Aurobindo Vidyamandir was suggested By Dr.Gokul Mukherjee because of the link Sri Aurobindo had with the University. (National College of Education was formed in 1906 of which Sri Aurobindo was the Principal, later it became the renowned Jadavpur University). Initially the wives of the founding members offered voluntary service. Mrs. Sumita Mukherjee was the first teacher in- charge. With time as the number of students increased the small house was found not enough for accommodation. So a land was procured on lease from DSP on Harshabardhan Road and the foundation Stone was laid in 1984 by Sri M.C. De Tarafdar, ED, ASP and the then President of the Alumni Association. Thus in the new building D. H. B Road Aurobindo Vidyamandir began the second lap of its journey with a refreshed dream and vision. The school had some outstanding contributions by Mrs. Namita DharGupta, Sri Debesh Chandra Roy, Suhash Chandra Bhattacharya and Mrs. Aditi Ghosh. At present Mrs. Aditi Ghosh as the Rector and Mrs. Sarmistha Laha as the Principal of the school are making a sincere effort to help the school move ahead with a positive attribution.

DHB Road Aurobindo Vidyamandir provides a comfortable learning environment for each and every student. There are more than 1000 students in the school at present and every year the number is increasing. The school works in one shift and the school starts from 7:45 am. This timing is followed throughout the year, except during abnormal situations that is during excessive heat in summer the school timing changes. There are laboratories for Science experiments and computer training programmes. Library is there to provide space for exclusive learning beyond the text books. The school also has a playground annexed to the building.

There are three Science Labs in our school for the subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology which operate in regular basis. The basic materials are provided for the students to work in the lab. The Labs are spacious and comfortable for the students. The teachers in the Labs take good care of the students and make the atmosphere interactive.

There is also a computer Lab for students to work . Students get a good exposure in the field of computer.At present there are 12 Computers in good condition.

A good collection of books makes the school library a hub of learning. The library facility is provided to students from Class IV onwards. The students can carry issued books home and return within a stipulated time. In the library monthly journals like Science Reporters, Newspaper etc. are provided for leisure perusal.

There is a playground annexed to the Building which is big enough to hold the Annual Sports meet and the 15th August Celebration. The ground is also used for regular physical Education training Programmes.